My Personal Scrap Space – The Mess

At the end of May, I told you I would begin showing you my scrapbook area in a more personal way, so you could see the studio where I work, and see how I organize and store things. Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse into the life of another scrapbooker and see how they do things. I believe it can help to see an organizational system that works, so you can implement it too.

So here it is the middle of June and I haven’t bothered to show you any more of my space. Why is that? Because it is an absolute mess. I wound up acquiring some new finds at a garage sale, and have been busy trying to sort through everything and find new ways to organize as well as finding out what I have that I don’t need. It sounds simple, but it is not.

I’m sure from the pictures you can tell that I don’t have a huge scrapbooking area, but that it is larger than just one table. You can also probably tell that I have quite a bit of stuff crammed into that area and that some of it seems almost overflowing. It is overflowing.

To put it simple, at the moment it is an absolute mess. I mean stuff everywhere and not where it belongs, books stacked, papers stacked and things just shoved on shelves and elsewhere. Why? It’s summer of course, which means more scrapbooking projects with the kids and I have a terrible time getting it all put away exactly where it went. I will tell you, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Staying organized is so extremely important or eventually your mess begins to take over, you feel non-productive and you just generally lose interest in those things you once loved.

Here it is in all its glory – or lack there of…

scrapbooking mess

So why did I bother to air out my mess on the scrapbook blog? Because I thought perhaps you could take a journey with me into getting this scrapbook stuff organized and put away, so that once again I have a nicer area to scrap in. Sound good to you?

I will post my progress a couple of times a week with pictures and tips, and if your scrapbook area is a mess – join in and follow along. Maybe we can both get organized together!

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