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Scrapbooking is a hobby that can enhance the creator’s life by providing opportunities for exploration and creativity. In addition to improving the scrapbooker’s life, scrapbooks are also interesting for family and friends to see. Many times the people we want to share out album with do not live close by which makes it difficult to share our creations with others. now offers you a place to easily share your scrapbook layouts with others.

My Place is the name that has given to each user’s personal site. If you register at their site, then you automatically have your own page. One of the best things about My Place is that it is completely free.

Here are some of the fun features that you get when you sign up and use My Place.

Create online albums. You can create album titles and then upload pictures of your layouts into the album. You can make the album public or private. There is not a limit to the amount of space that you can use.

Gallery. All of the images that you upload will be displayed in your gallery.

Customize the background of your page. They offer many different backgrounds that you can choose to customize your site. Most of these background textures are made from many popular scrapbook companies’ patterned paper patterns.

Blog. You get a place where you can blog. A blog is basically a journal where you can share your thoughts and ideas. This is a fun way for you to keep in touch with family because if they read your blog often, then they will be up to date on what is going on in your life.

Friends. You can add links to your friend’s My Place sites and create a community where you can share ideas and thoughts.

Wishlist. If you have a wishlist, people who visit your site can check out what you are wishing for. This could be an easy for you to let your friends and family know about some fun scrapbooking products that you really “need.”

Resume. If you are a published scrapbooker or have other scrapbooking accomplishments, you can list them in your scrapbooking resume.

This is all very easy to use and remember that it is all free! Let me know if you use My Place for sharing your scrapbook layouts and how you like it.