My Scrapbooking Mess – A Personal Saga

Mess is my organization. Chaos seems to follow me wherever I go in my scrapbooking area. I currently have dozens of projects left unfinished all over the room. When does it end?

Certainly I am better prepared to scrapbook or be creative when my mess is organized. Why can’t I seem to get it all in order?

Time? Space? Energy? Sure it all plays an important factor in why I seem to create havoc wherever I go in this room.

However, it’s also the love I have for each family member, each friend and each gift recipient on my Christmas list. Why? Because half, no I take that back, more than half of the mess directly relates to them.

If I have to blame someone, I’ll blame them! After all, it cannot possibly be my fault.

But seriously, with Christmas only a few short months away, I have been diligently brain storming layouts and gift ideas galore. Do I want to create a special layout for that person? What about a mini-book for the girls? And what in the world scrapbook related to I give to my son and significant other.

Quite frankly, it’s stressful.

However, I know in the depth of my soul, that whatever it is my mind, heart and soul creates, it is created with love. I know that the gift recipient, whether male or female, young or old, friend or acquaintance, will treasure whatever it is I give to them. And they don’t have to even know about my mess. My chaos. The complete havoc I have created trying to give them a piece of myself.

So perhaps instead of stressing about the mess, I might actually get back to work creating these wonderful gifts:

The two unfinished calendars

Five mini-books for my children

a paper bag album for my special guy

layouts for family and friends

dozens upon dozens of handmade christmas cards

and so much more I cannot even find it in this room.

So my piece of advice to you – forget the mess. Forget trying to get organized for awhile. Worry about that after the New Year when you make that resolution to get organized and stay organized. For now, be content in creating your wonderful masterpieces for yourself or for your family and friends.

I’m off to be creative. After all, I have forty something handmade Christmas cards to get to work on. So I will sit amongst the books and magazines, papers and scraps, pens and scissors and stamps that surround me in my area. The unfinished layouts that beckon to me to finish them. And I will scrapbook in my mess of scrapbooking projects.

What types of unfinished projects do you have going?

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