My Scrapbooking Week In Review- October 4th-October 9th

This week has been a great week for me for scrapbooking. The previous week, my dear daughter had a horrible stomach bug, and not much was done in the way of scrapbooking or doing anything else really except taking care of her! I am glad that is over, and that she is feeling better. So, this week, I wanted to jump right in and get some scrapbooking done again. I got several layouts done for my scrapbooks and had a lot of fun writing about the following topics:

October 4th-Confessions of a Messy Scrapbooker
A fun post about my scrap space and my messy style of scrapbooking. You don’t have to be perfect to enjoy your hobby! You just have to be able to find your stuff.

October 5th-Book Review: Scrapbook Workspace by Memory Makers
A book review for a scrapbooking blog? You got it! This is just a quick review on my thoughts on a scrapbooking book about organizing your workspace. Read this blog to find out if this is a worthwhile purchase to help you in your scrap space.

October 6th-Scrapbooking Thumbnail Images
This is a blog post about what to do with those tiny thumbnail images that come when you order your prints! I bet you have never thought you could use them in your scrapbooking have you? Well, this will give you some ideas of how to incorporate them into your album and onto your pages! If nothing else, it will help inspire you not to waste a single thing in your scrapbooking.

October 7th- Scrapbook Kit Clubs: How does it work?
This post will tell you most of the ins and outs of whether or not a scrapbook kit club is right for you. It also provides a link to a website that lists lots of those kit clubs and even demonstrates how to use a kit when you order it online! It is a great resource if you are wondering if you should invest the money in joining a scrapbooking kit club. A must read for any scrapper!

October 8th- Giving Your Photos Respect
This is a post about a very special scrapbooking layout I did of a very special photo and memory. It may give you ideas of how to think outside the box when creating your scrapbook layouts and addresses how important it is to give your photos the respect they deserve when scrapbooking them!

All of these topics are helpful in helping you progress in your scrapbooking this month! Check them out and let me know how YOUR scrapbooking week was. Happy Scrapping!!

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