My Special Note

Often teachers, like mothers, go overlooked. It is not necessarily that the students and parents do not appreciate teachers. Many times, our lives are so busy that we forget to take the time to tell others how much they mean to us. Today was different.

I began checking BEAR books as I do every morning. I look for money, homework, and notes from parents. This morning I received a special note. I causally opened up and flipped through the folders of one of my boy’s BEAR book. There it was – a note from a parent. I briefly scanned the note and smiled. To my surprise, this note was unlike the many other notes that I usually receive. It was not the typical “Joe will be a car rider” or “Jill was sick Friday and could not come to school”. This note was a note of appreciation. It simply stated, “In case I haven’t told you in a while, thank-you for the work you do for my child.” My eyes began to fill with tears and warmness came over my body. One simple note, that likely took two minutes to write, changed my entire day.

One never knows the impact that a kind word can have on another person. The next time that you think a nice thought of someone else (no matter how small it may be), please tell him. Please take those two extra minutes one morning to send your child’s teacher a note of thanks. Surprise your mail carrier by leaving a simple, “Thank-you” in the mailbox. Surprise your secretary by allowing her ten extra minutes of lunch. Send your mother flowers with a card stating, “Just because you are you.” Treat your children to homemade ice cream sundaes. Whoever it is, let them know that they make a difference in your life. It does not take a lot of time or money to make someone feel special. Everyone should feel the feeling that I felt today at least ever once in a while. So go out there today and ‘spread the love!’

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