My Spouse is an Addict

Addiction is a dangerous thing for anyone, when your spouse is an addict it’s not just his or her health that is affected, but the health and well being of your entire family. I am not an expert of addiction, but there are plenty of resources out there for you to seek out help.

When a person struggles with an addiction, more often than not they don’t even realize they have a problem. Their addiction can impair their judgment as well as create conflict, behavioral changes and other symptoms that may be observed.

They say that those closest to the addict are the ones least likely to notice because the change in behavior can be gradual. There are so many different observable changes that an addict can demonstrate, up to and including normal behavior marked only by depression and disturbed sleep.

How Do I Know if My Spouse is an Addict?

First and foremost, are there serious behavioral changes? Are they angry more than usual? Do they fly off the handle at random comments? Do they make assumptions about your behavior? Are they acting paranoid? Are they acting insecure? Are they growing more lax in their personal hygiene? Are they having trouble at work?

Just answering these questions doesn’t necessarily mean your spouse is addict. However, if you are seeing all of this and they are drinking more alcohol than usual or their periods of down are dismissed by periods of up behavior and that the mood swings are frequent and unpredictable – chances are there is a problem of some kind.

Do you notice bottles of pills? Or expenditures from the checking or savings account that you can’t account for? Does a six-pack vanish from the refrigerator every night?

If You Suspect Your Spouse is an Addict

You should check with an expert or a physician for clinical signs to look for. You may also encourage your spouse to see a physician and get a medical opinion. If you’ve found bottles of pills, bags of unexplained medicines or those containing powder or marijuana – then you may consider a confrontation/intervention – but you should never do it on your own. You may seek out assistance from a professional interventionist or contact a family support group for addicts.

Understanding what addiction is an what effect it can have on your family is important. Addicts often have behavioral control problems and that can affect you, your children and more. Addicts are also dangerous when they are driving and if they are prone to explosive mood changes – this can lead to abusive behavior.

If you suspect your spouse is an addict – do something and get help.

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