My Top Ten Book List – For Now

I guess you’ve figured out by now that I love to read. But I also love listening to music, going to movies and a great football game. But for today, I’m going to give you my Top Ten List for books. There are three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Religious Non-Fiction so I’ll go ahead, be a little obsessive and give you my Top Ten of both. Most are within the LDS category, but not all. I will never recommend anything that is not appropriate to read with the family.

#10: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriott (although I love anything by him!)
#9: Brothers, Where Angels Fall and Second Sun by Chris Stewart
#8: Nothing to Regret by Tristi Pinkston
#7: Journey to the Promise by Joanne Arnold
#6: Into the Fire by Jeffrey S. Savage
#5: House of Secrets by Jeffrey S. Savage
#4: Out of Jerusalem Vol. 1: Of Goodly Parents by H.B. Moore
#3: Out of Jerusalem: A Light in the Wilderness by H.B. Moore
#2: Race Against Time by Willard Boyd Gardner
#1: Children of the Promise Series by Dean Hughes (You can’t go wrong with this intense series about an American family surviving the events of World War II.)

Religious Non-Fiction
#10: Gethsemane by Andrew Skinner
#9: Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence by John Pontius
#8: The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister
#7: The Messiah Series by Bruce R. McConkie
#6: Gate of Heaven by Matthew B. Brown
#5: Temple and the Cosmos by Hugh Nibley (You can’t really go wrong with any of Hugh Nibley’s books. Although an interesting tidbit told to a friend by Hugh Nibley, “It’s better to read my books back to front. Hmmmm.”
#4: Prophets, Priests and Kings by Andrew Skinner
#3: Lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith, Jr.
#2: Eve and the Choice Made in Eden by Beverly Campbell
#1: Plan of Salvation by Matthew B. Brown (I have every one of this theologians books . . . I love his work, his insight and his thoroughness.)

#10: Emma and Joseph by Gracia Jones
#9: Hugh Nibley: A Consecrated Life by Jay Peterson
#8: Parenting the Ephraim’s Child by Jamie Theler
#7: The Message by Lance Richardson
#6: Behind the Smile by Marie Osmond
#5: Led by the Hand of Christ by Suzanne Freeman as told to Shirley Bahlmann
#4: Through the Window of Life by Suzanne Freeman as told to Shirley Bahlmann
#3: Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity
#2: The Proper Role of Government by Ezra Taft Benson
#1: Who’s Looking Out for You? By Bill O’Reilly

For all the books I recommend for reading, you can check out my website at They’re listed to the left of my biography. I can’t help it . . . I highly recommend the books I have written as well. I have worked hard to hone my craft and am proud of the work I have done. So check out Out of the Shadows . . . Into the Light, 13 and 0: Reflections of Champions, and my latest, Forged in the Refiner’s Fire. Shameless promotion I know . . . but hey, when I recommend good reading, I really recommend good reading! Happy fun!

What are some of your favorites? I’m always on the lookout for new authors and great books.