My Week With Marilyn

Time is short, and I’m behind! My lovely daughter is doing a movie review for me, I hope you enjoy it.

Like any fan of Marilyn Monroe, as soon as I heard of this movie, I was dying to see it. This film portrayed Marilyn Monroe in a way that not many have. To the world she was bright, confident, and, of course, a sex symbol. To the people who actually knew her, she was insecure, always afraid she was not good enough. This film was captured from the point of view of someone who looked past the glitz and glamour, and saw the brilliant woman for who she really was. She was insecure, rarely punctual, and always afraid of what other people would think. With her upbringing, who could blame her?

In the beginning, everyone thinks it is the best thing in the world to have her on their film. Throughout the movie, as she shows her insecurities, her nervousness as she forgets her lines, the crew starts to dread having her in the cast. Marilyn was the beginning of method acting. She threw herself into the role; it wasn’t until she learned the character inside and out that she was ready to portray it. She stumbled over her lines constantly, and was always looking for approval from her coach. If a scene less than perfect, she made everyone do it again. When she got it right, though, no one could take their eyes off her.

This movie was a peek in to the (not-so) private life of Marilyn, what she was like when the cameras were off and the journalists were in hiding. She charmed the lives of everyone she encountered. The movie makes you wonder, was everything really a show? Who’s to say her whole life wasn’t an act?

This film lets you in on the secrets about Marilyn that not many knew at the time. Of course, everyone knows now, after she is gone from this world. It gives you a different perspective on her, rather than the beautiful star that everyone saw. Brilliant behind the camera, when you met her in person you never would have guessed she was a star unless you knew her name. She was shy, insecure, and sweet. She was always searching for approval from everyone else. In reality, when you were around her, though she was shy she lit up the room. You couldn’t take your eyes off her even if you wanted to. She always knew how to have fun, she was a woman ahead of her time. She knew that all people are created equal, and she knew that the human body isn’t something you need to be ashamed of. She knew exactly how to use her beauty to get what she wanted.

Although this is an incredible movie, and I recommend any Marilyn Monroe fan to go see it, this is NOT a movie it would be a good idea to take your kids to, there’s a bit of nudity.