– A New Scrapbooking Website

Creating Keepsakes Magazine has always been on the cutting edge in the scrapbooking industry and can be trusted to deliver fresh and current ideas every month. CK Media is now branching out to bring us every more ideas and inspiration, but instead of on a monthly basis, this new creation will be able to inspire us daily. CK Media has created, which contains new scrapbooking news and information daily. There will be online tips and videos for viewers to watch.

This just launched and so there is not a lot of information up on the site yet, but the idea is that is will grow as news and information about scrapbooking becomes available.

They are offering a daily email, which will contain downloadable video clips, recipes, inspiration and more. Here is the link you can use to sign up for the email: sign up.

It looks like they have some fun things planned for the weeks ahead.

CliqueNews will be updating scrapbookers on sales and discounts that will only be available to email subscribers.

They will also be having contests. The first contest that will be starting in 2 weeks is where families can upload a one-minute video clip of a family event to be entered to win a Canon Camcorder. Sounds like fun!

One of the features that sounds the most intriguing is the Clique-O-Gram. This is an online layout builder where you can add photos, music and journaling to templates. You will be able to share these with your family and friends. This looks like something that will be fun to test out.

CliqueTV is an exciting new idea that has great potential. Creating Keepsakes has always come through in the past with quality products and I hope that this new venture will deliver the same fantastic results.

If you would like even more online scrapbooking entertainment, you can check out this blog on the Diva Craft Lounge which carries weekly podcasts with well known scrapbookers.