MyHeritage Has Free Download Of New Family Tree Builder

computer MyHeritage is a genealogy website that you can use for free. They also offer memberships for genealogists who want access to more of the website’s resources and tools. Right now, you can download the brand new version of Family Tree Builder for free! You can also buy a membership at a discounted price.

Quite some time ago, I joined MyHeritage just to see what it was like. I am using the free version of their membership at this time. To be honest, I really haven’t taken the time to actually use the service, or to even start my family tree on their website yet. When I first started looking at MyHeritage, parts of their website were not compatible with Mac computers. Since I use a Mac, this was a giant “turn off”.

I still get periodic email from MyHeritage. Usually, the email they send lets me know that they have added new records, have a new deal on memberships, or that they have updated something.

This time, the email let me know that genealogists can download the brand new version of Family Tree Builder for free. It is version 6.0. The new features in this version include better integration with the family sites on, an easier way to view profile pages, the ability to create and view a family timeline, and it will also automatically do some research for you, (through the MyHeritage historical records).

Just click on the button that says “free download”, and it will automatically start downloading onto your computer. If you were using the previous version of Family Tree Builder, then the new version will install on top of your current version. The update is not going to affect your family tree data. MyHeritage suggests that the new version of Family Tree Builder is an excellent tool to use so that you can begin working on your family tree.

I was able to download the new, 6.0, version of Family Tree Builder. However, it is in .exe format. That means that this wonderful and useful piece of software is not something that people who use Mac computers are going to be able to open, (much less use). This is disappointing. It should work just fine for people who are using a computer that uses the Windows operating system, though.

MyHeritage is also doing a “Holiday Special Offer”, that will last through December 31, 2011. You can purchase their Premium membership, or their PremiumPlus membership, at a 40% discount. If you have been using the free version of their membership, but were considering purchasing a membership that gives you more access to certain parts of the MyHeritage website, now is a great time to do it.

Image by Mike Renlund on Flickr