Nate Berkus: The Essentials!

Today Nate Berkus shared his list of essential items every home should have.

Unique lighting –. Nate says overhead lighting is harsh. I agree. Try lamps instead. Using lamps instead is a wonderful way to personalize your space and to add ambiance.

Unusual artwork –Try taking something out of the ordinary and using it as wall art. Chances are, it’ll be even more stunning than you imagined.

Sea Life – Nate says every living space should contain at least one piece of sea life. Perhaps that’s because sea life is reminiscent of paradise. So why not add a piece of coral or other sea life to your living space?

One GREAT Odd Chair—This was my favorite suggestion of Nate’s, who stated that the chair doesn’t have to match everything in the room.

Frame notes and cards that mean something – Framing loved ones art and their words is a wonderful way to preserve memories.

An Interesting Book Collection: Nate says, if you love a subject why not include various books in your living space? And who knows, you could just learn something in the process!

Personalize your space – What could be better than this tip? Don’t be afraid to display items you’ve collected from vacations. Frame special photographs. Most of all, make your space unique to who you are.

And the number one essential item for any living space? According to Nate, it’s a good sofa.. This pricey piece of furniture is worth splurging on.

However you decide to decorate, remember that a cold house feels cold. But a warm house, filled with memories, colors, and fixtures that are reminiscent of who you are, will transform any house into a home.

My Favorite Nate Berkus Quotes From Today’s Show:

“Before you buy, think about who you are—what do you really like—what makes you happy?”

“There is nothing scarier than walking into an interior… that doesn’t offer your guests or your family anything about your life.”

“Collect your home as you would collect your wardrobe.”