National Board Certification

There are many different education and teaching degrees that a person can hold. The most basic of the degrees is a bachelor’s degree. Many teachers also seek out master’s degrees, plus thirty, EDS, and even doctorates.

In addition to these, a teacher can also receive National Board Certification. National Board Certification is a very intense and rigorous standard that teachers are measured against. The certification is voluntary for teachers. Some states will pay additional bonuses to teacher who obtained the certification and some states do not.

The application fee to obtain National Board Certification is $2500 plus a registration fee of $65.00.

Teachers may attempt to receive National Board Certification if they have had at least three years of teaching experience in a classroom. They must be currently involved in direct classroom instruction. They must have a teaching license. They must have graduated from an accredited college. Teachers must be able to support the cost if no state funding is available. The teacher must be certified in the area that he or she is teaching in at the current moment.

To obtain a National Board Certification, teachers must complete two main parts. There is a portfolio section and an assessment section to successfully complete. The certification must be obtained within three years of beginning the program. Some teachers who have obtained National Board Certification have commented that they spend an average of 400 hours during the first year.

The portfolio section is completed in the classroom that the teacher is currently teaching. It includes videotape, students work entries, and teacher work entries. The portfolio is set up to take an average of four months to complete.

The assessment includes questions about difficulties that can occur during teaching. This section tests the teacher’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in various situations.

Teachers who receive National Board Certification have a reason to be very proud of themselves.

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