National Trail Mix Day

I love silly food holidays. I think it is a fun way to get kids to try to new foods and a fun way to put a smile on your face. Some foods get a whole month of celebration, some a week and some only a day. Since finding a fun site that lets me know which foods are celebrated every month I am going to drive everyone crazy. As you may already know August is National Peach Month, National Catfish Month and National Brownie at Brunch Month. You may know this already because if you read the Weight Loss section I enjoy keeping you up to date by celebrating with low fat recipes. Well, to continue the silliness I want to share with you National Trail Mix Day. National Trail Mix Day is today! I love trial mixes because I love to munch. Trail Mix also contains healthy items and sometimes a few chocolate chips or M & Ms to keep you happy. So why not think about making your own trail mix today to celebrate? Then take to the trail and get hiking for your exercise.

Trail Mix Basics:

Nuts: I love nuts and I think you are nuts if you do not. Almonds are a great choice but you will find pecans, cashews and peanuts also go well in a trail mix. Just consider the saltiness and taste of the nut with your other ingredients so nothing clashes.

Dried Fruit: Give it a little sweetness naturally with dried cherries, dried cranberries, dried apricots, dried apples or raisins.

Seeds: Chia seeds are great for you and a trail mix is a great way to add them into your diet. Sunflower seeds are common and easy to find. If you want a fall feel this close to September try some pumpkin seeds.

Cereal, Pretzels, Crackers: Throw in some healthy cereal, mini crackers or pretzels for some crunch. Do not go too sugary with the cereal.

Chocolate: There is no need to add in chocolate but a little will add sweetness and fun. Add in some dark chocolate chips or a few M & Ms. Be careful on how much you add in as this is supposed to be healthy.

Other: Peanut butter or butterscotch chips instead of chocolate or half and half may give a nice little flavor as well.

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