Nautilus Machines

Exercise is the best way to a stress free and one piece of equipment that will make this happen is a nautilus machine. Invented in 1948 by Arthur Jones, nautilus machines have changed the way we think of exercise. At first, these machines were not looked up on very highly. Many people still thought the only way to exercise properly was to do many different type of exercises from walking, weight training, to aerobics to jump rope and other cardiovascular activities. How could sitting in a chair be considered exercise? With the nautilus machine, people thought they were wasting their time and energy and not getting the workout they wanted.

For twenty years, the machine was made fun of by serious workout people. They could not believe that one machine would be all that they would need. But, the machine has proved itself time and time again through results that go unmatched. Before nautilus became a household name, it was considered a fad.

All this has changed over time. Now the nautilus machine is in every gym and used by most people during their workout. The idea is simple: Sit on the machine. Weights are connected to strong wires and pulleys. By connecting the weights to pulleys, resistance is created which in the long run will offer muscle tone and strength. Different weights are used to increase resistance. Nautilus is a type of shell fish known for its spiral shaped shell. A nautilus machine resembles the shell with its pulley system. These machines offer different levels of fitness all in one machine. They are perfect to fit in any home or public gym. Many different models are available today for people who different results from their workout.

Nautilus machines can exercise all muscle groups. Results have shown a fast improvement in strength and flexibility. Cardiovascular health is also improved. These machines are safer than most other forms of exercise. It all depends on how much you want to resist.

Chose how heavy the weights should be, fasten them on, sit in the chair to do leg lifts.

Simply place your feet under the bar and push. Feel the resistance which is gravity pushing in the opposite way.

This machine is great for beginners and advanced people. Many studies have been shown which prove the advantages of a nautilus machine over any other form of exercise. These machines are safer than traditional weight lifting devices. There are no weights to lift above the head. When the weight becomes too much, simply lower the bar. The pulleys will set the weight back in its place. The adjustable weights allow for upgrading weight gradually which will build muscles quickly. The nautilus machine can be used forever.