Need a Little Extra Cash?

Looking for a few extra dollars here and there? Want some new ways to generate a little more cash on your own schedule? Read on for a few ideas…

* Give lessons or tutor
Do you have a talent worth sharing? Whether you play an instrument, are an artist, are great at math, or are a computer programmer, chances are that someone out there would be willing to pay to learn from you. Advertise at music stores, local schools, in the newspaper, and by word of mouth to gather clients.

* Freelance writing
Nowadays, with Internet articles, blogs, newspapers, and magazines, there are more jobs than ever for freelance writers. Freelance writing is a fun way to express yourself while working flexibly. You get to decide how much work you want and you get a flexible schedule. Check out these informative articles on freelance writing for more information:

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* Consignment shops
Buy used furniture cheaply at yard sales or thrift shops and resell it at a consignment store. If you are experienced at restoring furniture, you can create quite a profit from updating an old piece into something nicer. Heck, even if you have no experience with furniture restoration you could probably do something simple like update the paint or varnish of a wooden piece. Before you get started, call a consignment store to find out what types of furniture they are looking for and what their policy is on consignment.

Use your new-found cash wisely. The best thing to do with extra money you make is to use it towards savings or to pay down debt. Be wise about what you do with your additional income, and your future will thank you.

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