Need Support: Start a Facebook Page for Weight Loss Support

I saw a documentary that stated one in twelve people have an internet account in the world. With so many on Facebook you are certain to find someone you know who is also interested in weight loss. It is well know that those who have a solid support system are more likely to reach their weight loss goals. Think about starting a group today.


Long Distance Friends: With a virtual group no one is excluded. You can have friends from all over the world participate. For those in small towns or new to a city having Facebook as a support system would be greatly beneficial.

Can Check In Anytime: You will not have to worry about rushing to another meeting or fitting something else in your schedule. Facebook is there when you wake up and there when you go to bed. Facebook is even there when you can’t sleep at 2 am.

Accountability: There is no excuse barring a computer malfunction to check in with your group. You also have to answer to a group as opposed to one other person or yourself.

Share Ideas: The more people you have in your group the more you can share great ideas for weight loss or exercise solutions.

Share Recipes: Learning to eat properly is crucial to losing and maintaining a weight. It is easy to share recipes on Facebook. You can start a section just for recipes so you always know what to make for dinner.

Check In until Cravings Subside: Instead of heading to the fridge for a midnight snack you can head to the computer. You are certain to see a friend to help you through the craving. Even if your friends are not online their words of encouragement, tips and advice are right there on the page for you to re-read and evaluate.

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