Need to Scrapbook Halloween? Ideas and Poems For That Spooky Night

To put me in the mood to actually go back and scrapbook our Halloween, I have been spending some time going through un-scrapped photographs of all of the previous Halloween’s. The photographs make me smile as I see my children in various costumes. Or sitting amongst pumpkins in the middle of the pumpkin patch. It is so cool to see how much they have changed and grown over the years.

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holiday’s even though the season carries my favorite – that of Autumn. While the leaves are changing and the air is crisper, I find myself more drawn to the colors and scents of this season. And not as likely to be enthralled with the scary costumes, ghosts and goblins that are found while trick or treating.

However, I still have to scrapbook these moments. I find myself often putting off the inevitable. So, in order to scrapbook Halloween pictures and create masterpiece layouts, I must get myself in the mood. After sitting and looking at photographs for hours, deciding and planning on some photo’s I’d like to take next year, I sat down and began searching for some Halloween poems. Here are a few favorites that you can use on your Halloween layouts.



We mask our faces

and wear strange hats,

and moan like witches

and screech like cats,

and jump like goblins

and thump like elves,

and almost manage

to scare ourselves!


Halloween Surprise

Author: Unknown

First you take a pumpkin, big and round and fat.

Then you cut the top off, that makes the hat.

Then you cut the holes for the nose, the mouth, the eyes

Making for the children a Halloween surprise!


My Pumpkin

Author: Unknown

See my pumpkin round and fat,

See my pumpkin yellow.

Watch him grin on Halloween.

He’s a very funny fellow.



Author: Unknown

Jack-o’-lantern, jack-o’-lantern,

You are such a funny sight.

As you sit in the window ,

Looking out at the night .

Once you were a yellow pumpkin,

Growing on a sturdy vine.

Now you are a jack-o’-lantern,

Let the candle light shine.


Trick or Treaters

Author: Unknown

I am a trick or treater set to go,

Here is my flashlight I’ll walk slow.

I always say thank you for all of my treats,

and I never run across the street.