Networking With Other Scrapbooking Friends

Networking with others is an important and essential task for most scrapbookers. Networking or sharing time with others who share a hobby or passion with you, can often inspire and drive you to create. A few things that any scrapbooker needs. Along with chocolate, of course.

Why is networking important?

Sharing your layouts, ideas, creativity and love for the hobby with others, can leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and essentially inspired to create new layouts. It can allow you to bounce ideas off each other, get reviews for certain products, find new and innovative ways to use everyday items, and essentially help you make new friends in a hobby that tends to be a bit on the solo side.

How do I network with other scrapbookers?

There are dozens of ways you can begin sharing your scrapbooking with other scrapbookers.

Join a class or a workshop at your local scrapbook store. There you will probably meet others who live close and perhaps you can form a monthly crop of some sort. Perhaps you will hit it off well, with another scrapbooker, and you two can share time at each others house scrapbooking. There are tons of benefits of joining classes and workshops, and networking is certainly one of them.

Find a scrapbooking message board. Chat online with other scrapbookers, about what products are cool, which are not, how you use certain products, share your layouts, and just have fun. The Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Forum here at is a great place to start.

Blogging is another great way to meet other scrapbookers, gain insight to who they are, get great information from others who share your passion. When you visit a scrapbooking blog, leave a comment. And do not forget to get your own blog. There are plenty of free blogging services around, and they are easy to use. You can share your own expertise, ask for opinions, and get great feedback. I’ve met some great scrapbooking friends through my blog. And while I cannot necessarily sit and crop with them, I can get advice, seek product reviews and share my layouts online with them.

Friendships are important, period. Networking with people who share your interests can develop into life long friendships. Knowing how to find those people, is just a matter of looking.

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