New and Free at the Library!

library Sure you can get books from the library, but if you aren’t taking advantage of the other freebies that are available, you are missing out. Library offerings are changing with the times, so you might not realize all that there is to get, for free!

Admission Passes

I remember the first time I discovered that you can take out passes for free admission to local museums, zoos and more. I was living in a small New England town, in a small house on a small budget that allowed for very little entertainment. When I found out that I could go to the local seaport and aquarium, just by checking out a pass from the library, I was thrilled. Find out if your library offers free admission passes. If it doesn’t, make the suggestion!


Did you know that you can not only take out printed books, but also ebooks. There are two advantages to this. The first is that you don’t even have to leave your home to get or return a book. The second is that there are no late fees for overdue books. When your time with the book is up, it will simply disappear from your e-reader.

Video Games

Buying or renting video games is a cost that can quickly add up. Why not borrow them instead? Libraries lend out hundreds or even thousands of video games in some cases, and the cost is anywhere from $1 to free. Borrow the games anywhere from one week to three weeks.

Book Club Kits

One of the downsides to trying to organize a book club is the fact that you usually have to purchase a new book each month (or however often you meet), since trying to find multiple copies of the same book at the library can be next to impossible, right? Wrong! Just ask for a book club kit, which supplies up to 12 copies of the same book along with a discussion guide. Plus, you can use the library as a meeting spot, if you like.

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