New App for Autism

The introduction of “I” products from Apple has lead to the reinvention of how we do so many things. We can do pretty much anything from our phones these days, including turn on or off our lights when we are away from home or find our way when we get lost in the woods or on the street. Now, iPhone and Apple have introduced an app that can help your autistic or non-verbal child to communicate her wants and needs. It’s called iInteract.

If your child is non-verbal, but can use a computer to communicate with you, this program is great for when you are on the go. As stated on the Apple web site, it is a basic communication board with pictures and audio. It includes a menu with ways to communicate including I want, I need, I want to, I need help, Food, Drinks, and Snack. The audio even has the option of a boy or girl voice.

Developed by Tricia Zucker and Cathy Schaeffer, two friends with over twenty of years experience working with children with special needs, iInteract can open up a new world for children by allowing them to communicate even when away from their computer. It can even mean a more independent life for your child and you. The program can be used by family members, friends, teachers, therapists, and doctors.

Reviews have been positive, including comments that it is a great way for autistic children to communicate their feelings quickly, avoiding getting overly upset. The developers are hoping to make the program customizable in the near future. For many parents of autistic children this product could mean more trips around town with their child and less stress while out.

To check it out for yourself just visit Apple’s iInteract page. As of September 2010 the app is only $8.99.

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