New Couch

We recently found new homes for our cats. The newest, which we got when we moved to Texas five years ago, was accepted back by the shelter that adopted her out. We flew the other two to Caboodle Cat Ranch in Florida. We had to move the cats out because my husband’s allergies could not live with them anymore. It was sad but necessary; I’ve had all three since they were kittens and Whiskers was 13.

Now we have to go about ridding our home of all traces of the cats so my husband’s suffering will completely end. I emailed a child-friendly carpet cleaning service recommended by my moms’ group, but did not get a response. I need to call them again as well as the carpet cleaning service with the most ads on TV. The rooms that are carpeted will look so nice.

The next hurdle is our couch. I love our couch. We bought it before we moved to Texas. It’s a four-piece sectional with two love seats, one additional seat, and a wedge. There are three recliners. It’s the color of dirt and very comfortable. There is cat hair embedded in the sofa inside and out. We need a new couch. But do we want to spend the money on a couch? We should probably just get the couch cleaned. Can a cleaning service get deep in all the crevices and inside the couch to erase all traces of cat?

If we were to not spend $2000 on another sectional we could replace our TVs instead. The TV in our bedroom is a 32” box TV. We could replace that and the 65” in the living room with flat screens mounted safely on the walls. What would you do? What seems to be the better option financially?