New Cutting and Trimming Tools

With the many different options in paper trimmers for scrapbooking, I like to know what all of my choices are before I buy. In the past couple months, two of my favorite companies, Making Memories and Basic Grey, have come out with new tools that could make our paper trimming a much easier task. I’d like to share what each of the companies has to offer.

Making Memories Precision Paper Trimmer

When I first saw this trimmer, the first thing that made me very happy was that the base is large enough to hold an entire sheet of 12 X 12 paper, but it will fold in half to make taking it places easier. A couple of my friends have said that it is a little heavy to be toting it around with you everywhere (like at a scrapbook convention where you are changing classrooms) but they think it is fine to just take along to a crop.

The trimmer is designed to fit in the Making Memories Runway Roller Tote, which can make transporting it very easy.

The blade is self-sharpening, so you won’t have to worry about replacing dull blades.

This has a great cutting surface with specific markings for some common measurements as well as making the surface in both inches and centimeters.

This also comes with a magnetic ruler that can be placed on top of the paper while cutting to help prevent slipping.

This trimmer is one that would be perfect for an scrapbooker because it is big enough to accommodate the 12 X 12 paper and it is also portable.

This trimmer retails for $50.00.

Basic Grey Precision Mat Kit

This mat kit is something you would use with your xacto knife to get clean and exact cuts every time. This kit includes a mat that is magnetic with clearly drawn grid lines. The 18-inch ruler is metal and so it will stick to the mat. It also includes 8 magnetic tack that are very strong. These will hold your paper in place while you cut.

This Mat Kit retails for $25.

Now you have a couple more trimming options to add to your decision making!

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