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Wow! So much has changed in my life these past couple of weeks. I think that many of my Deals blog posts might take a drastic change from now on. I have just recently become a raw food vegan. This means that I will be mostly consuming fruits & veggies, all uncooked, plus some nuts & seeds. I first learned about it in November, at which point I started making a few raw gourmet dishes here & there, but near the end of December, I began realizing how important and how easy it really is, so I decided to commit to 100% raw for at least a week. I’m doing it!

Now, I’ve spent a TON more on food the past couple of weeks than I’d like to admit. I’m buying a lot of produce and some raw condiments that I have not purchased before, so I am not familiar with the prices and I don’t know the best places to buy them. I’ve been to Whole Foods and I’ve purchased a few things online. I spent $100 on an Organic Starter Kit and some goji berries from Diamond Organics. I spent almost $70 at on raisins, cashews, and raw cacao powder. I’ve spent over $225 at Whole Foods since the beginning of the month (I said I didn’t want to admit it – but there, I did!)

So, now that I’m making this leap, I need to figure out how to combine my bargain-hunting with the raw food lifestyle! Obviously, there are not a lot of coupons out for the type of food I will be consuming. So my strategy is changing. And I’m going to take you along for the ride as I discover how to become a raw vegan for as cheap as possible! Maybe I’ll even share a recipe or two along the way. 😉

PS – I’ll still do some other deals too, like some CVS and other hot deals. As always, let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see more of. :)

PPS – Check out this picture! It’s one of my first raw creations – raw apple pie! Yum! Raw Apple Pie

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