New Frugal Uses for Pillowcases

Pillowcases can often be found around the house or at thrift stores for pennies. Recently I found a bunch of new ones in some funky designs on clearance. They were a mere 50 cents a piece in the package (2 for a dollar).

The nice things about pillow cases is that they are often made of cotton, and they have nice sturdy seams. You can take advantage of those features to turn the pillowcases into some great items. Here are some frugal ideas that will reuse pillow cases.

A pretty linen or embroidered pillowcase will make a cute toddler summer dress. Just cut some tapered arm holes and sew a quick hem.

A flowered or striped pillowcase can be made into a shopping bag. Use it to carry books, bills, crafts and more. or make several and use them for your groceries. Did you know that most grocery stores will reimburse you three to five cents a bag if you bring your own instead of using the store’s bags?

Use old pillowcases as laundry bags for your delicate wash. Pop your items into the pillowcase and tie at knot at the top. Then you can throw the bag into your machine. The pillowcase will prevent fraying, ripping, etc. I washed dry-clean-only curtains using this method, and they came out perfectly. The pillowcases are also great when washing stuffed animals and other small soft toys.

Use a pillowcase as a cute liner for a small wastepaper basket. This will give you a designer “Pottery Barn” look without the price. As an added bonus, the liner can catch little things that might otherwise slip through the spaces in the wicker, and the liner is easily washed.

You can make a quick designer pillow with a pillowcase. Simply stuff and sew closed. A set of these custom pillows would make a nice housewarming gift. To make these pillows really frugal, stuff them with old pantyhose.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any more new uses for pillowcases?

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