New Kid on the Scrapbooking Block

Some may recognize me a blogger from the Home Schooling or Weight Loss section of I have taken on a new assignment as a blogger on the Scrapbooking section here also. It is my pleasure to blog for in any capacity even when it involves creative writing like Weight Loss. Can you see my mischievous smile through your screen? Happily, I begin writing about the rewarding and relaxing hobby of scrapbooking. It’s a beautiful meld of two things I love the most: pictures and creativity.

I will admit I am a bit nervous about writing on this subject. I confess, I have never finished a Christmas scrapbook page. I cringe at my confessions as you all decide if I am worthy enough to be one of your scrapbook bloggers on Will you still accept my efforts? Christmas scrapbooking layouts are the most fun and beautiful. However, I have had picture emergencies the last several years. Either, I never had my camera pointing in the right place at the right time or the pictures turn out bad. Bad would be defined as a picture of me right out of bed on Christmas morning. I have several years of Christmas layouts started but alas none are finished. I may make that a goal and share with you my journey to make a layout that holds the past dozen Christmas holidays on one page.

While, I love scrapbooking, I am still learning. I love the expression of creativity. I find it a joy to put together just the right layout for an event or picture array. I have made pages for babies, holidays, a day of baking, a day at the apple orchard, babies in a bath, my children reading, and my personal favorite photos of funny faces. I recently discovered the joy of digital scrapbooking. So much scrapbooking and so little time to get it all in!

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Richele is a Christian homeschooling mom to four children, writer and business owner. Her collegiate background is in educational psychology. Although it never prepared her for playing Candyland, grading science, chasing a toddler, doing laundry and making dinner at the same time.