New Magazine Aimed at Helping Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs often have a difficult time learning at the pace people expect, or in the manner that their peers do. This often leads to frustration on the part of child, parent and teacher. Children with special needs end up being treated as if they can’t learn, rather than being given the benefit of the doubt and as children with potential.

HOPELights Media has introduced a new magazine designed for children with special needs including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cognitive delays and sensory related challenges. The magazine is for children, and is designed to help them learn and succeed by overcoming their challenges.

Using Gentle Methods TM, Customizable Variable Print and Gestalt Learning practices, the magazine intrigues children by helping them learn based on their own personality and information process techniques. Readers will develop skills in math, reading, character development, and motor skills. The magazine features rhythmic patterns, full color photos, and music patterns that reinforce reading and word recognition. In addition, the magazine is customizable for each individual child with the reader’s name on the front and back covers.

There are three subscription options available as well as a free test drive to see how the publication would look for your child. Five percent of all proceeds from this magazine are donated to a charity supporting children with special needs.

HOPELights Media, LLC was founded by Dawn Grosvenor, a mother of a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Grosvenor’s search for the right materials and activities to help her daughter thrive inspired a passion and HOPELights was born. The organization works to develop materials for children with special needs in order to motivate and educate in a positive way.

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