New Photography Products

Here is a peek at what is hot and new in photography equipment:

Nikon announced the D2XS professional digital SLR, which shares many features with the D2X, but has a 2.5 inch LCD, with a 170 degree viewing angle. The new 12.4 MP camera offers an exclusive high-speed crop mode and refined viewfinder performance. For more information

Epson introduced its new PowerLite S4, an almost six pound 3LCD projector, designed for showcasing presentations, photography, and video on the go. The projector offers sharp detail and rich color, along with delivering up to 1,800 ANSI lumens of brightness and SVGA resolution. Visit Epson for more details.

Tracy, my co-conspirator here at the photography blog, has talked a lot about filters recently. Tiffen introduced some new filters recently. The Nude/FX series offers five different skin tone-enhancing filters. Also, the new Digital Diffusion/FX filters do the same thing as the Tiffen Black Diffusion/FX filters, but without the internal dot pattern. The new HDTV/FX filters take the edge off the sharpness associated with HD, to create more of a film look.

As digital camera technology allows for more and more megapixels, storage devices increasingly are getting larger too, to be able to store all that picture information. Sabio Storage has introduced its Sabio CM-4 Network Attached Storage System, which provides high-capacity recoverable data storage, with four high-performance SATA hard drives, for a total of 2.0TB, 1.6TB or 1.0TB of data storage (a Terabyte is 1,024 Gigabytes).

Pelican introduced its 1440 case. With more than 2,000 cubic inches of space, it features a top-loading design. Standard features include stainless steel, ball-bearing polyurethane wheels, and an extra long telescoping metal handle.

And finally, Epic Software has come out with the Epic Tripod Butler, a cool little accessory for your tripod, that holds all those extra things you need to keep near you when you shoot, like extra batteries, strobes, lenses, …etc. It attaches quickly to your tripod with Velcro. There is also a 100 percent money-back guarantee.