New Product Alert: Cool New Ribbon Storage

Everyone is always looking for storage and organizational solutions for ribbons and fibers. These embellishments are used so often, do not cost a lot and are extremely attractive and colorful additions to your layouts. However, storing them is a whole other problem.

Last week I showed you a unique way that a kitchen item can be transformed into ribbon storage, and I also found a great option for finding cheap storage while utilizing the dollar store.

I am back today to show you a really cool product I found quite by accident searching for something entirely different in my organization endeavors.

This new little ribbon storage concept is called the ribbon ring, and can be found at I absolutely love this thing, and while I enjoy my budget organizational methods much better, this is a really cool alternative.

Not only is the Ribbon Ring attractive, but it is fairly inexpensive to get started. The starter pack comes with one metal ring, thirty ribbon tags and thirty inventory dots. It retails for $10.00. You can then purchase additional items like more rings for .50/pc. (you can get these at an office supply store too though). The rings hold 60 ribbon tags comfortably and two ribbons can go on one ribbon tag. And then they have their ribbon cards in packs of 30, 60 and 90 available for purchase. See how convenient and economical this thing appears to be?

The whole system is super easy to use. You just take one of the ribbon tags and thread one end of your ribbon from the back to the front through the top slit in the card. Then you take the opposite end of the ribbon and thread it through the middle slit in the card from back to front. Pull the ends so they are even. Then thread both ends of ribbon through the final slit from front to back. It is just that easy.

If you have purchased this or use this item, please feel free to leave a comment here and let us know how it is working for you.

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