New Stylish Totes from Crop in Style

Crop in Style is a leader in the scrapbook organization department. I know it is certainly one of my favorites. They are known primarily for their terrific and roomy totes, however they also have plenty of other terrific storage options available for many of today’s scrapbooking supplies. But now Crop in Style has moved beyond the boring, solid colors and introduced something much more stylish and fun for today’s modern day scrapbooker. (and crafter)

Crop in Style is happy to present their new Red, Black and Cream Collection. Encompassing their entire line with style and flair, and offering this look on their most popular items along with a few new ones, continues to help support their place as the scrapbooking industry’s organization leader.

The following products are available in this stylish new line: Bag Tags, Camera Bags, Laptop Bags, Fashion Tote, File Folders, CIS Jr., CIS NaNavigator, Paper Holders, Paper Taker, PSB (Paper Sticker Binder), Tool Totes and the XXL Tote.

As is common with Crop in Style products, they are built sturdy and made to last a long time. I have had my original CIS tote for almost six years and I have had no problems with it at all. I love it, and a couple of years later, added another one. While I have several different brand totes as well, I constantly use my CIS, because of their quality, spaciousness and the fact that they accommodate 12×12 albums and pages.

The old totes and supplies were offered in black, navy and hunter green so it is wonderful to see the new stylish line which coordinates great together. I love that all the products have a slightly different look.

If you don’t already have a Crop in Style product, or perhaps you need an updated piece or something entirely new, consider one of these awesome new products found in the Red, Black and Cream collection.

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