New Uses for Bread Bags

Thanks to the great deals at the bakery thrift store, we have been buying a lot of bread for sandwiches and toast. I have been saving the bread maker usage time for rolls, quick breads and pizza dough. As a result, we are quickly accumulating a lot of bread bags. I thought it might be a good idea to share some ideas for reusing bread bags. Some of these ideas we use in our own home, some ideas I researched, and some ideas were given to me by friends and readers. Do you have an idea that doesn’t appear here? Please leave a comment and tell us all about it. We can always use some new ideas!

Bread bags are just the right size to use to dispose of a stinky diaper. You can insert the diaper, tie up the bag and dispose of it in your garbage can. The bread bag keeps the odor from escaping.
And speaking of waste, use a bread bag on walks with the dog to pick up the “presents” your dog leaves behind.

I often use a bread bag to catch peelings when I am peeling fruit or vegetables. It saves me from having to bend down, because I can place the bread bag on the counter, it saves me from buying kitchen bags, and it makes it easy to dispose of the peelings.

You can make a pretty decent jump rope out of bread bags. Just split the bags down the seams to make one long strip of plastic. Braid three strips together into a rope. As you are going along, stagger new strips of bread bag into the rope by wrapping them around the previous strip as you braid. The staggering prevents big lumps from forming in the rope. Wrap duct tape around the ends for handles.

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