New Uses for Old Baby Blankets

baby in blanket Well, it looks like everyone is mostly over the stomach flu. I’m spending the day catching up on all of the normal laundry that had to be pushed aside for all of the blankets, towels and clothes that needed immediate washing during the illness.

I’m also spending some of the day on those little things that need to be done, such as putting away the bassinet that Henry, now at six months old, is much to big to use. Under the bassinet, in its basket, I found a bunch of baby blankets. They are the small flannel type ones that you typically use to swaddle a newborn. Henry really doesn’t need these anymore, so I started thinking of new uses for them. Here is what I came up with.

I could sew the baby blankets together for a blanket or quilt. The nice rectangular shape would make this really easy to do, even for a inexperienced sewer such as myself.

I could give one or two blankets to Molly to use to tuck in her baby dolls.

I could cut the baby blankets down and use them for dust clothes. The flannel would probably be great for picking up dust and polishing.

I could make the baby blankets into cloth diapers.

I could use the baby blankets to wrap baby gifts. I think this is a sweet idea, especially with a matching fabric ribbon.

I could donate the baby blankets to a hospital. Sometimes people unknowingly think they should take all of the baby blankets supplied in the baby isolette at the hospital. Maybe donating some of the baby blankets would help. For the record, I did keep the first blanket and undershirt for each or my children, but I did ask the hospital first.

With a little stuffing and a little sewing, I could turn the baby blankets into Christmas ornaments. I could use cookie cutters as patterns for simple shapes and decorate them with a zig-zag stitch around the edges. This is my favorite idea, so far.

I could make the baby blankets into cloth baby wipes.

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas to reuse old baby blankets?

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