New Uses for Old Doors

You read that right, old doors. If you’re like us, you have at some point acquired, sitting out in your garage, an old door or two. And if you don’t, consider yourself lucky, or maybe not once you see what fun things you can do with them.


My favorite use for an old door is to turn it into a table. You can create craft tables, or use them for when company comes to eat (just set the door on two even items at either end). We created tables for our garage sale out of them by placing two saw horses (which a neighbor was throwing away) per door under either end. It was great. If you want to create a permanent table for a craft room or other location, you can use the saw horse idea and using a wood glue, glue in place. You can also use concrete blocks and other materials to make table “legs”.


Yes, reuse the door as … a door. Refinish, paint or otherwise breathe new life into the door and reuse it. However, beyond that, a door can be cut down into smaller pieces and can serve as new cabinet doors in a bathroom or kitchen. You can paint them and add hardware including pulls in any type you want. They look great.

Hang Things

Turn the door on its side and secure it to the wall in your laundry room, a child’s bedroom, etc. Paint it first so it matches the room or looks creative. Secure hooks along the whole door to create a place to hang backpacks, coats, etc.


This was a fun project we tried. We cut the door down into smaller pieces. I believe they were 10×14. Giving each child a piece of the door, they were to use paint to paint a painting. We had them all use the same colors, so that even though they were their own, they “matched”. We then hung them on the wall in a sort of eclectic collection. They are actually a huge conversation piece and the kids are so proud of them. You can keep the door whole and do a large wall mural if you want too. Just be sure you have the proper hardware to secure it to the wall.

What else can you think to do with an old door?

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