New Uses for Old Socks

socks Since the golden age of appliances, there has been one burning question that has plagued mankind. How is it that two socks go into the dryer and only one comes out? The single sock phenomena (doo doo de doo do) is a mystery that has spun many bizarre theories, from socks completely dissolving into dryer lint, to socks entering some other single sock dimension.

Regardless of the actual cause, it leaves us all with many single socks. Here are some great ideas on what to do with them (or any socks that have worn out their wear or their welcome).

Make those frilly girlie socks into doll clothes by simply cutting the tip of the toe from the sock. Instant sheath dress. Baby socks make cute little hats. Experiment for more elaborate designs. Good sewers can fashion all sorts of Barbie fashionista wear, with just a little imagination.

Cut the toes from the socks, then sew the socks together in a long tube. Stuff the tubes with dryer lint and use as a door-stopper.

Put larger socks over shoes when painting or doing anything messy.

Use the socks to stuff pillows or soft toys.

Fill the sock with more socks and catnip. Then sew the sock closed for a great cat toy.

Can’t leave Fido out. Insert a tennis ball into a sock, and then know the end of the sock for a nice dog toy.

Slip socks on your hands and use to dust the ceiling fans or blinds.

Make a rag rug.

Make a sock monkey.

To keep the kids extra warm on those really cold says, use socks as mitten liners. They add an additional layer of warmth and can even reach the elbows to keep little arms toasty.

Use a sock as a container for small toys or game pieces that seem to always get lost.. You can loosely know the sock and throw it into the toy box or car and not lose any little pieces.

Use a sock as a makeshift change purse when you are going to the laundry mat or the corner store. It works well for those pizza place tokens, too.

What do you think? Do you have any great ideas for using old socks?

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