New Uses for Old Ties

neckties Every male closet has at least a few neck ties that are worn and or outdated. Why not put them to good use, or should I say, reuse?

Yesterday, I decided to try and pack some of our bedroom closet while Molly napped and Henry played happily in his crib. I am happy about the opportunity to de-clutter while I pack. Even though this closet is pretty organized (complete with a custom system my husband put in it), I still found some items that could have a better life elsewhere. For example, I found a maternity nightgown and robe that I never did wear.

One curious find, tucked on a high shelf was a box of my husband’s old ties. I open the box and laid the ties out on our bed. Many of them, although made with pretty fabric were very outdated, with really wide bottoms.

After my husband went through the ties and picked the ones he still wears, there was still a bunch left over. But what can you do with old ties? A bunch of things, actually!

The most creative use for old ties, that I came across can be found by visiting the HGTV website. The good crafters there have actually made a nice looking lamp out of old ties. Can you believe it? I can be pretty creative when it comes to reusing items, but a lamp is something I definitely would not have ever thought about doing. It looks like a pretty easy project, too. Just click here to go to the instructions.

The HGTV site also features a very cool-looking photo frame that can be made out of old ties. You could adapt the project to make frames for your artwork, too. This is a really frugal idea, especially if you use bookplates for new artwork. To learn about bookplates, click here.

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