New Uses for Yogurt Cups

yogurt cup A yogurt cup is one of those things that seems infinitely useful. There is good reason for this, namely the fact that it really is very useful.

There are so many times when we spend money buying something for a specific purpose when we could have easily adapted something that we already own. Think about a pencil holder, for example. I don’t know why anyone ever spends money on something like that. There are so many items that can easily be transformed into something to hold pencils, from a flower pot to, yup, an empty yogurt container.

In that spirit of reuse, here are some more ideas for yogurt containers. Some are very interesting ones.

  1. Make a crocheted cupcake gift box. This has got to be one of the more creative ideas I have seen. Click here for instructions.
  2. Use the cups to start seedlings for planting in your garden or grow herbs on your windowsill, such as basil.
  3. Use the cups to wash out small paint brushes
  4. Use the cups to hold jelly beans or other small snacks at a kid’s birthday party
  5. You can easily store beads and other craft supplies in a yogurt cup
  6. Do you have leftovers from dinner? Use the cups to store them
  7. Make cookie dough ahead of time and store it in the cups until you have time to bake
  8. Use the yogurt cups to hold your children’s lunch box snacks
  9. Starting at the top, cut the cup in one long spiral and hang it from a child’s ceiling for a room decoration
  10. Use a yogurt cup as a toothbrush holder
  11. Fill the cups with Jello or home made pudding
  12. Use the yogurt cups to to hold small amounts of tempera paint for the kids. They can use extra cups to mix interesting colors.
  13. Use them to make almost any craft that requires a mini flower pot, such as a pilgrim hat.
  14. Make a mini Christmas tree. Simply fill with a bit of soil or stones and “plant” small cut evergreen branches. Then decorate your tree with thin ribbon or mini Christmas decorations. Decorate the base with colored tissue paper and more ribbon. These cute little trees make great gifts, and are so inexpensive, you can make enough of them for a school Christmas party.

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