New Year: Fresh Start to Studying

With the New Year, many people make a fresh start and the same goes for students of any age. If some started the school year off with a bad outlook, the two weeks off during the holiday season helps many students rejuvenate their minds and emotional well being. Whether being away from the hustle and stress of school work and activities or just being able to spend quality time with friends and family; many students, from my experience, come back to school ready to work in January.

Unfortunately, the New Year symbolizes that half of the school year has passed and many times it is difficult to pull up low grades. For students who take a little longer to jump into their studies, (say 6 months longer), if they are serious about changing their study habits, speaking with their teacher can help them stick to their plan, as well as help reach their realistic goal for the end of the year.

Raising low grades can be accomplished in the six months left of school. Many students have surprised themselves and their teachers by hitting the books and completing their assignments on time instead of not doing any of the work. The realism of study habits becomes prominent when middle and high schools levels follow a code when it comes to playing school sports.

If a student’s GPA is not at a certain level, usually 2.5, then they become ineligible to play team sports. This realism can shatter a young woman’s a or mans’ future plans to play college sports BUT the GPA rules help these students realize that life is not just playing sports; brains and studying are needed as well.