New Year, No More Clutter

Start the year out without the clutter. You can make this year the one to get rid of all of the extra stuff that gets in the way. Have an organized year with the following easy steps.

First Things First

The best way to start de-cluttering is to do it one room at a time. Within that room, pick one section and work your way around. This step by step method will give you a lot of benefits.

First of all, since you are concentrating on one area at a time, you’ll see immediate results, even if it is only one drawer a day. You’ll find yourself going back to that one spot just to proudly see how clutter free it is. Secondly, working on one area at a time lets you complete de-cluttering tasks without becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by how much there is to do.

Is it Worth It?

De-cluttering is definitely worth the effort. You’ll save money; you’ll save time; you’ll have a calmer more productive home. Now, apply the “Is it worth it” question to your actual clutter. Is a particular item worth the space, time and effort that it takes to own it? Do you use it and do you love it? It might be worth more to someone else.

Break It Down

Having regular de-cluttering sessions will help keep you on track. Depending on your availability and personality, you might want to schedule one 15 minute session per day, an hour on the weekends or a marathon session every three months. Usually, smaller more frequent sessions work out better for de-cluttering, especially if you are involving other members of the family, but do what works best for you.

Lose It Where You Use It

My husband figured out a great way of keeping the family on track with no clutter. Establish systems that are easy for everyone to use. I’ve been employing this concept for a long time to keep the clutter down. For example, if mail usually collects by the front door, place a pretty basket there to collect it. If lint tends to collect on top of the dryer because the garbage can is too far away, then place a small wastebasket nearby.

To keep dirty socks, sweatshirts and the other clothes that kids tend to shed, I installed an attractive cloth laundry hamper in the downstairs bathroom, since the reason the clothes wound up on the floor was because no one wanted to go all the way upstairs to put them in a hamper.

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