New Year’s Resolution! Weight Loss

Why it is good to have a weight loss New Year’s resolution.

Monday is for most, the first workday of the New Year and the first day of trying to keep that New Year’s resolution for losing weight. Whether this is the first resolution you have made or the fifteenth, the beginning of a New Year always brings opportunities to change and grow. Funny thing is there one can always start a diet before or after the New Year but most people decide on it as their New Year’s resolution.

It makes some sense to start with a New Year. Most people are going to get a lot of support in meeting their goals. Gyms offer more incentive by offering their memberships as discounts more this month than any other including December. Nutrition classes such as Weight Watchers or LA Weight Loss also are into helping people after the holidays with specials.

The holidays are over. The temptations that come with it are also over. This makes it much easier, no longer is there the piece of chocolate, cake, cookie, second helping of mom’s famous casserole, or rich gravy that only the holidays bring. Now, more than any other time, you are not alone in your weight loss.

So, I am one of millions to want to lose weight in 2006. This is the year that I hold myself to the resolution that I made. In order to do this, I made myself goal sheets for each month. I start out small and then as the months go by I add more. I have also written down a number of excuses that I usually make when I don’t want to do something. I decided that if my reasons for doing something like indulging or not doing something like skipping exercise is on that list, which I am carrying on my person, then it is not a good enough excuse and therefore, I will force myself to do what ever it is that I need to.

Like everyone, the first weeks and months is easier to stick to the resolution that the rest of the year. I have also anticipated this and have tried to write this into my goals. There are reminders all over my house in the form of sticky notes, papers lodged everywhere of why I am doing this and who I am doing this for.

Last, I wrote down a list of problems that may affect my weight loss and solutions to those problems. Stay tuned to this blog because I will cover these issues and many more in my quest to lose weight.

Whether you need to lose 100 pounds, like myself or that extra 5, I wish everyone well. Just remember that there are many ways to lose weight so keep at it.