New Year Scrapbooking Goals 2008

First, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2008. It is hard to believe we have completed another year in our lives. It has almost been two years since I started with as well. Time seems to just fly by in a rapid pace, and if we blink, we just might miss something.

This is why scrapbooking is such a significant hobby. It is a great way to preserve the everyday life that occurs and save it for future generations. And if you aren’t interested in future generations, then it’s just a great way to save the memories for your own children.

Each year I make a few goals. I try to refrain from calling them resolutions. They are simply broad goals that help me complete projects, get further in my scrapbooking and feel as if I have accomplished something.

I went back and looked at last years goal before making this years, just to be sure there weren’t too many I missed. I did pretty good. So here are my goals for the next 365 days.

Begin a School Year Album For Each Child

My three step-children don’t have anything that shows off their schooling before I came along. They have huge containers full of pictures here and there, but they aren’t able to look at them. My own kids have a handful each of school related layouts. I’d like to get their school pictures into an album and update it regularly. I’d also like to tell about them in each grade.

Get More Organized

I chose to keep this one broad because I don’t want to feel as if I didn’t get any further. I just want to find a couple of methods that work for me and then work to utilize them. Organization is key to productivity. I just want to be more productive.

Use What I Have

I really want to spend more time using the stuff I have. And I have a lot of stuff. I have two years worth of page kits that while I have used a couple of, I have several for each month. I went through them yesterday, and realized that there are a lot of great ones that can be used with my photographs.

Take More Pictures

I noticed a trend this year. I took a TON of pictures between January and August. But then, once school was in full swing, my photography skills seemed to be placed on the back burner. My goal this year is to keep that consistent all year. And to hand the camera over to others so I can have some more of me.

So what are your 2008 goals?

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