New Year’s Eve Fun For Kids

New Year’s Eve is known for its raucous parties filled with libations and debauchery. That’s great for grown-ups, but if you have young kids at home you might be looking for G-rated fun. The following games are ideal for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve bash:


Place a large plastic tablecloth on the floor and cover it with candy and small items you can get at the Dollar Store, such as erasers, pencils, plastic animals, crayons, etc. Have the children stand a couple feet away from the tablecloth (distance should depend on their age). Hand each child three rings and let them toss at will. Whatever their ring circles they get to keep.


Get a large roll of aluminum foil and some cardboard in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cardboard can be cut into an array of fun objects, such as swords, crowns, shields, necklaces, bracelets, dogs, cats, etc. Have the kids cover the cardboard pieces with foil, and then let them use their imaginations to come up with a play or song featuring their new foil-covered pieces.


Fill a box with unopened junk mail, a map and a manila folder addressed to each child. Inform each child that they will be mail carriers for a day. Their first task is to sort the mail by the state it was sent from (use return address for this job). Once that is complete have the kids find the state on the map and write the number of pieces of mail that came from that state. Finally, have each child open a set of letters, draw a picture or write a note on each one and put it in the manila envelope. They can then deliver it to a designated spot in the house or exchange their envelopes with other kids at the party.

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