New Year’s Resolutions

Enjoy these New Year’s Resolutions for pregnant woman and feel free to add your own!

I will take my prenatal vitamin every day. I will not forget.
I will enjoy that single bowl of Rocky Road ice cream.
I will maintain good posture.
I will do my kegels every day.
I will take the epidural if I need it and not feel guilty.
I will quit smoking, for good.
I will go to bed early and take naps often, because I can.
I will not be ashamed of my pregnant body.
I will exercise lightly.
I will drink 8-10 glasses of water a day for my baby.
I will not be afraid to ask my doctor anything, even if it is embarrassing. (Everything concerning pregnancy is a little embarrassing.)
I will not bite people’s head off when they touch my belly without asking.
I will rock that maternity support belt and enjoy the comfort it provides without any apologies.
I will eat a healthy, balanced diet.
I will remember to moisturize my belly every night. (Even if it doesn’t prevent all stretch marks, it will be extra soft for when your hubby waits for the baby to kick.)
I will take a seat when offered.
I will be on time for all my prenatal appointments.
I will pack my hospital bag ahead of time.
I will faithfully attend all of my childbirth classes and do the homework.
I will take at least one new “belly shot” each month for my friends and family.
I will start my birth announcements ahead of time and mail them out before my baby is six months old.
I will take friends and family’s advice with a grain of salt and a smile.
I will make time for my husband while I still can.
I will try to think of something other than pregnancy to talk about on my lunch dates.

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New Years Resolutions

Do you have new year’s resolutions? Does your family? Even the youngest kids in your family can set goals, like stop sucking a thumb, learn to read, or learn to ride a bike. For a great dinner conversation, over your luck-inducing black eyed peas, discuss these questions with your family:

1. What is a new year’s resolution?

2. Why is goal setting good?

3. Can anything bad come from goal setting?

4. Did anyone reach a goal last year? If so, how did it feel to accomplish your plans? Has anyone failed to reach a goal? How did not reaching a goal make you feel?

5. Short term goals are generally accomplishable in less than two years. Long term goals can be 5-year goals or even longer. What are everyone’s top 3 individual short term goals for 2006?

6. What are your top individual long term goals?

7. Sometimes families can work together to achieve goals. Maybe you want to have a family garden this year, or maybe everyone wants to have $200 each for the family vacation. How can you work together to make and meet family goals? Set at least one short range (2006) and one long range (2010) family goal.

8. Who else do you know that sets goals?

9. Consider community service goals. How can you help in your community this year? Can you log 100 volunteer hours at the library or church? Can you donate at least one box of used items from your household each month to charity? Can you call the food pantry once a month to ask what items they need most, then add the items to your grocery list?

10. Consider very personal goals, like journaling, devotional time, or reading goals. Don’t set the goals too high, or you may be disappointed. If you want to journal regularly, start by committing to journal once a week, then if you exceed the goal, great! But once a week may be all you have time for when hectic weeks come around in 2006, so it’s a realistic, attainable goal. What’s your most personal goal? Why is it important?

Goal setting has helped build confidence and prove intestinal fortitude for ages. Have everyone in the family write down their goals and tuck them away. Next December, pull them out and see how far you’ve come.