New York Sees Increase in Private School Applications

It seems that the number of parents interested in enrolling their children in private education is increasing. The Educational Records Bureau gives a test to four and five year old children who are interested in beginning private kindergarten.

The number of children that were tested took a 15% from last year. The number in New York City rose to 3100 kindergarten children.

While over 3,000 students wish to attend a private school, only about 2400 private kindergarten spots are available according to the records of the Independent School Admission Association of Greater New York.

All private schools in the area are seeing an increase in the number of applications that they are receiving. Even schools which typically have extra spots open are now being forced to create a waiting list.

A publicly funded coveted program, Hunter College Elementary School is no exception from the increase in applications from hopeful kindergarten students. The school has had a record number of 1,550 four year old applicants. However the school only has 48 open spots. Only 5% of the applicants will be admitted.

It seems that more and more children are being born and fewer and fewer schools are being built.

The increase in demand for private school for kindergarten children may cause a panic among parents who fear that their child will not make the cut.

Parents are trying various schools but some are having a hard time finding open seats.

In addition to the panic among the private schools, parents are now beginning to worry that the public schools will soon also run out of room for the increasing amount of children.

It is thought from the view of small infants, toddlers, and pregnant women walking down the streets of New York City that the amount of children who will be entering kindergarten in the future is not going down anytime soon.

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