Nicole’s 2007 Scrapbooking Goals

It is so hard to believe that it is already 2007. I am still trying to figure out where 2006 vanished too. I decided a long time ago, that being an adult means that time flies at a much more rapid rate than when you are a child. Remember when you were young and thirty days until your birthday was simply agonizing because it took so long? Now, thirty days seems like a heartbeat in my personal calendar.

Every year I make New Year’s Goals, though I do sometimes call them resolutions. I am not one of those typical resolution makers, that gives up by the third month either. The reason is because I make my goals realistic. I make them attainable. Otherwise you just set yourself up for disappointment.

So for 2007 here are my scrapbooking goals/resolutions:

Make An Album For Each Child

With five kids, this seems hardly attainable, but it’s easy really. I want to spotlight our first year together as a blended family. It won’t be that difficult if I choose to only spotlight the memories that mean the very most to us as a family. As well as duplicating pages that can go in more than one of the albums. Since I choose to spotlight the entire family, I believe five identical layouts perhaps one or two sets per month, is not that difficult and not that unattainable.

Set Up My Scrapbook Room

I am getting my own scrapbook room. Did I happen to mention that somewhere before? I am very eager and having a supportive and handy significant other helps tremendously! You know all those expensive storage pieces you see? Well, he is handy enough to make them, creative enough to customize them and supportive enough to wan to! I plan to get my scrapbook set up during the year.

Stay More Organized

Notice I didn’t say “stay organized”, I utilized the word more because I know that it’s nearly impossible for me to stay organized. I don’t want to fail on any of my items, yet I know its important for me to try to keep things where they go for ease in finding them later.

Own a Cricut

Ok, so this might seem unattainable to some, but it is my wish and goal to own one by the end of the year. It has been on the top of my list of wants for a long time, and with five kids who will use it probably more often than I will, it would make the perfect addition to my scrapbook room.

Catch Up On 2006 Journaling

This isn’t as hard as one might think. I actually keep a journal, and have been fairly faithful in writing in it from August to December. So what I need to do now is go back and pull out the photographs from January to July and record those memories. Sure makes scrapbooking those memories all the more easy.

So what are your 2007 goals?

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