Digitize Your Workout: Nike + iPod

I’ve never been one for physical fitness. I’ve always tried to workout, but workouts usually lose my interest rather quickly. I managed to go to the gym everyday for about three months when I first joined up, but after that my visits became less and less frequent. I purchased Dance Dance Revolution several years ago, and did that religiously for about six moths before I learned all the dance moves and started to get bored. I still use it, but not nearly enough to consider it my one and only “workout”. I need something that makes me feel challenged, but challenged in a personal way not in a public “Hey look at the fat lady trying to be buff” kind of way. I think I have met my match: the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

The Nike iPod Sport Kit brings together two things that I love dearly, my iPod and my computer. If you haven’t read about this thing, it is a kit with tiny sensor you put in a specially designed Nike shoe, and a receiver you plug into your iPod Nano. The sensor in your show transmits information to you iPod in real time and tracks how far you’ve gone, how fast your traveling, and yes, even how many calories you burned doing it.

So all of that sounded pretty neat, but still made it to some extent a really fancy pedometer. The pedometer gets a little fancier.

Once you get home from your walk or run you can upload the information from your iPod onto Nikes website and track your workouts and set goals for the future. The coolest thing about the website interaction however is that you can also connect with other runners on the site and challenge them to a virtual race. I just have this image in my head of making all of these running buddies over the Internet and comparing workout notes everyday.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is available to purchase from Amazon.com