No Cost Holiday Gifts

Is your heart bigger than your wallet this year? Don’t go into debt? Instead put your creativity to good use creating one of these no cost holiday gifts.

Thank you book

Here is a frugal gift idea that should be very much appreciated by those you really love. You can make a thank you or appreciation book. The nice thing about this book is that you can adapt the style and the amount of detail in it to the gift giver and receiver.

For example, an appreciation book to a grown sister might consist of a journal with thoughts about how much you appreciate her. A thank you gift from a child to a grandparent might include simple words and crayon art work. A gift to a parent might include old photographs of you growing up, along with captions about how much you appreciated him or her during those moments.

Cookie (or muffin, or bread, or jam) of the month club

If you love to bake or cook, why not put those skills to good use and create a something of the month club for a gift recipient who lives close by. Baking a few extra cookies when you make them for your family is not much extra effort or expense, and the person receiving the gift will enjoy the anticipation of getting something yummy once a month. Some ideas from my own pantry include cinnamon rolls, apple butter and ricotta bread.

Interactive gifts

Interactive gifts are wonderful, especially for children. Offer a weekend camp out, a day at a park, a scavenger hunt through the woods or the back yard, a trip to library story time or any other type of gift where you get to spend time with each other. We belong to a local attraction that offers free admission for guests and plenty of children’s activities. Anything such as that would make a wonderful interactive gift.

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