No Expectations for Me on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you already setting yourself up with certain expectations? Perhaps you have dropped some hints to your spouse or come right out and said what you would like.

The thing with Valentine’s Day is that it can actually become very “me” focused when it is supposed to be about the one you love. When we think about this day where we celebrate love, we should be putting effort into how we can express it toward our spouse…not what they can do for us.

Personally, I don’t make a very big deal about Valentine’s Day. Sure, my husband always buys me a card and my favorite flowers. But in all honesty, if he didn’t I could still go on.

The reason is because I have come to realize after 20 years of marriage, that the expression of love can’t be reserved for just one day. Focusing on the one you treasure every February 14th is fine. But when you have learned to appreciate your marriage every other day of the year, it doesn’t really matter what happens on Valentine’s Day.

I have friends who expect jewelry or other high-priced items. In fact, I have some friends who almost turn it into a competition, feeling that somehow they are more “loved” if they get a nice gift. I’m just not that kind of girl and I’m not putting down anyone who does appreciate a good gift on this day.

But for me I would rather make this a very simple day in which I express my love to the family as a whole. I won’t treat my spouse any different on Valentine’s Day because everyday I show him love in some form.

By not making Valentine’s Day so materialistic it not only saves us money but it saves us from having dashed expectations. Therefore, it saves us from arguments. And who needs that?

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