No Gifts Required

How do I let guests know not to bring a gift?

Guests should be informed on the invitation not to bring a gift. You may hand write it or have it printed depending on the style of your invitation. Be clear and concise in your wording so guests understand whether a gift is optional or not expected.

For instance:

*No gifts, thank you.

*Your presence is the only present we seek.

*No presents, just your presence.

*Thank you for your gift of friendship and accept this party as our gift to you.

Do the rules of etiquette prevent me from saying “no gifts

Rules of gift giving etiquette do not state a “no gift” request on an invitation is rude. Etiquette states it is rude to ask for money in lieu of a gift unless it is for a good cause. Monetary gifts for a college fund may be requested as appreciated and not mandatory. Include an insert with instructions on how to donate in your invitation for a college fund or a charitable cause.

Will guests be offended or feel awkward by not bringing a gift?

Some guests will be happy to share in the birthday party without the pressure or difficulty of purchasing a gift. Yet, some who enjoy celebrating by giving a gift may oppose this policy. Finally, some will feel odd going outside tradition and fear they will be the only one who does not bring a gift. You cannot control the responses by all guests. Kindly let them know that you appreciate their graciousness and their presence is the real gift.

How do I handle a guest who brings a gift anyway?

Due to the traditional norm that birthday parties require gifts many guests will not heed your request. You may face opposition before or during the party. Handle all guests with grace remembering a birthday party is a time of joy.

If a guest lets you know before the party that a gift will be given then reiterate your request. Let the guest know that you appreciate the kindness yet the party is not about