Much in the way that Playhouse Disney and PBS Kids Sprout have what I like to call “mini-shows,” NOGGIN network has what they like to call “shorts.” These are little shows that are in between the regularly scheduled programming.


Bruno loves to play with you! He is a little grey monkey who is always playing and being silly. The educational part of “Bruno” is that there is always something that has to do with math when he plays.

Cooking for Kids with Luis

When it’s snack time on NOGGIN, we know who to call. Luis is a little boy who loves to cook. He teaches kids simple recipes for snacks or mealtime. He can cook hot dogs, custard, dumplings, and a whole bunch of other foods. He knows to tell kids to wash their hands before they cook and that they should ask for help from a grown-up if they have to use a sharp knife or be near a hot stove. Luis is fun to watch, but he always makes me hungry!

Ebb and Flo

This show is based on the books of the same name by Jane Simmons. Flo lives on a boat in the river with her mother and her dog Ebb. The go on adventures and are occasionally joined by a goose named Bird. This is a great show for teaching children about friendship.

Move to the Music

This is the time on NOGGIN where a music video from a favorite children’s musician is played. You can see the Laurie Berkner Band, Dan Zanes, Jack Johnson, and even Lisa Loeb! Your child will have fun singing and dancing along to the music.

Story Time

“Story Time” shares familiar fairy tales with animation. After the story is over, NOGGIN viewers get to offer their versions of what they think happened next. This is a cute way for you to get your preschooler to use his/her imagination.

These shorts just help to make the NOGGIN experience that much more enjoyable for you and your child. Instead of meaningless commercials and advertisements, your child gets the benefits of more education and fun.

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