Now That Would be Great to Scrapbook About!

Do you base your decisions on what to do on how great it would be to scrapbook about it? Do you ask your child to perform a cute task well beyond exhaustion in order to properly record it and photograph it? Do you keep your camera on you while strolling though your home so you will not miss any cute moments? Do you buy cute scrapbooking paper and plan an event so you can use it?

I will be the first to admit that a cute layout and page came before the event. I will not go so far as to tell you which events. At least I didn’t plan the birth of my last child around all the cute baby scrapbook pages and embellishments I had leftover. However, I have defrauded my scrapbook by telling the kids to pretend to open that gift one more time or pose like they are just opening their stockings for the first time in order to get a better picture for my scrapbook. I have an adorable picture of a child who looks exhausted and pouty surrounded by stockings and candy after having to pose a week later because I needed that one shot.

Oh now don’t you sit there judging me. I know I am not the only one who goes scrapbook crazy. Too bad we didn’t scrapbook about scrapbooking. Did I just stumble upon a new idea? It could be called, “The Making of a Scrapbook”. However, I’d have to pretend to make my scrapbook all over again and staging that one could be difficult.
Do you have any pages in your scrapbook that are a work of fraud? How many events were planned after you found the perfect scrapbooking sheets? I know I always wanted to plan a trip to Disney just so I could scrapbook about it. Have you seen some of the beautiful Disney themed trip scrapbook pages?

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