Now That You’ve Made Bath Salts- Let’s Make Them Fizzy!

Fizzy bath salts turn your bath into a spa! Use craft store molds to give these tablets fun shapes. Remember, the bigger the mold, the longer your fizzy salts will take to bubble and melt in the tub.

For this recipe you will need to pre-measure:

1 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of corn starch
1/2 cup of citric acid (sold in health food shops)
20 drops of your favorite fragrance oil
Approx. 5 drops of food coloring if you wish

Additionally you will need:

An extra glass bowl
A water spray bottle (Health and Beauty aisle)
Wax paper
Cardboard (old greeting card will do)

In a large glass bowl, blend your first three ingredients.

Next, slowly add your color and fragrance and stir until thoroughly distributed throughout the dry mix.

Remove 1/3 cup of mix into the extra glass bowl. Lightly mist with the water spray bottle and gently mix with your hands. Only add a small amount of water mist at a time until you get a mixture that is just moist enough to pack. If you use too much water, your salts will begin to fizz.

Now, pack your moistened salts into a mold. Work with just a single mold at a time to avoid breakage (just remold if this happens). Press the salts in firmly with your hand until the mold is full. Place the cardboard over the salt mold and gently flip it over and the salt tablet should come out easily. Gently slide it onto a piece of wax paper (the only thing it won’t stick to) and allow it to dry over night.

Continue working in 1/3 cup batches until all your fizzy salts are molded. Once dry, wrap in cellophane to seal out moisture until you’re ready to use.